Patient Life Charting

Would you like to be able to keep track of all aspects of your bipolar illness on one simple form? The patient retrospective and prospective life chart forms have proven to be invaluable aids in managing bipolar illness for thousands of patients. 


A.  Patient Retrospective and Prospective Manuals and Forms:

  "In the past you have probably been asked many questions about your illness by doctors and/or therapists who have worked with you, and by family members or friends who were concerned about your well-being. It can be difficult, however, to remember things "on the spot" and important facts could be left out that would be useful for your doctor or therapist to be aware of when trying to decide on the next step in your treatment. You already know that you benefit from being an informed and knowledgeable participant in your treatment process. We think that the life chart can be a very effective and valuable tool in helping you organize and visually present many important aspects of the past course of your illness.

  "By constructing your own life chart you are creating a portable psychiatric history of your illness in the form of an easily understandable graph or picture that you and your physician can review together, change where necessary, consult when important decisions about your treatment are being made, and continue to use as a way of monitoring your current course of illness and treatment response through daily prospective life-charting."


B.  Downloading Life Chart Forms and Manuals:

  The patient life chart manuals and forms are in Adobe Acrobat *.pdf form. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program that you can download from the internet at, or by clicking on the Adobe box below.


1. Patient Retrospective Forms and Manuals:

Patient Retrospective Manual  (File Size: 747 KB)

Patient Retrospective Form (File Size: 32 KB)


2. Patient Prospective Forms and Manuals:

Patient Prospective Manual (File Size: 2.06 MB)

Patient Prospective Form (File Size: 31 KB)

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Patient Retrospective Manual

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